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Diamond Knives

We offer Diamond Knives - specially designed for Eye Surgery procedures. Our Diamond Knives are most popular between leading European and U.S. ophthalmic surgeons. Our Diamond Knives are Extremely Sharp: cutting edge width does not exceed 50 nanometers, while competitors do not even reach the lowest value of 200 nanometers. After you try them - you will never change for any other. Manufactured in Europe using GEM Quality Diamonds and surgical grade Titanium Handles.
    • 100% Natural Gem Quality Diamond Blades
    • Max 0.05 micron (μm) Cutting Edge - Unique Sharpening Technology
    • 0.15 mm Blade Thickness / Double Bevel
    • Up to 10 000 Incisions Without Resharpening
    • Precision Titanium Handle
All our Diamond Knives are Reusable and Resharpenable.

Surgical ophthalmic instruments offered on this site should be used by licensed ophthalmologists only and must be purchased by order of a qualified clinician.